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  • In Esbjerg Golf Club, we use the metre system on tees instead of the past colour codes.
    Thus, we do not have the traditional men’s and ladies’ tees, but instead we recommend that players play from a tee that suits their abilities.It is good to remember how any golf course is laid out:
  •     On a par 3, the green should be reachable in the first shot
  •     On a par 4, the green should be reachable in the second shot
  •     On a par 5, the green should be reachable in the third shotThis is called playing the hole “in regulation”, i.e., as the hole is laid out.
    A player who has chosen a tee that suits his/her abilities will therefore be able to make several pars and one or more birdies on the round. This player comes in with a smile.
Tee Course length (m) Handicap Men Handicap Ladies
59 5929 +8.0 til 7.9
57 5684 8.0 til 22.8 +8.0 til 3.9
49 4923 22.9 til 36.0 4.0 til 25.0
42 4156 37 til 99 25.1 til 99